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Content Strategy Roundup - August 1, 2013

Posted by King Fish Media on Thu, Aug 01, 2013

Here are some insightful articles from the past few weeks.  We hope you find them useful. Click on the headlines to link to the articles.

Three Priorities for the Digital CMO – Harvard Business Review

"As chief storyteller, you have more opportunities to develop compelling and relevant brand identities by including your customers in the narrative creation process right from the start. And consumers have shown time and time again that they trust brands that trust them. And while sometimes scary, that can't be a bad thing."

8 More Cold Hard Content Marketing Stats – Business2Business Community

Nice recap of the latest studies about content marketing's effectiveness from a variety of sources.

How Shared Media Fits into the Marketing Mix – iMedia Connection

“Shared media is a subset of earned media and a form of amplification. Earned media generally tends have a point of view or an editorial bend. Examples might be a blog post or an article around a topic, a video of a product unboxing, or commentary. Shared media, on the other hand, tends to be a forward, a retweet, a pin, or (on Facebook) a literal "share." Perhaps a word or comment is injected, but essentially it's a pass-along of an essentially unaltered element of content”

10 Trends in B2B and B2C Content Marketing – Connote Magazine

“These content marketing trends, in no particular order, will impact how businesses grow their brand footprint in the coming months and years. New trends will undoubtedly emerge as time goes on, but we feel that this list is a great starting point for any brand.”  Two that resonate are video engagement and using content across multiple platforms.

How Story Platforms Help Global Brands Go Local – Harvard Business Review

“The power of a brand's Story Platform is that it is singular (there is never more than one), unchanging over long periods of time, differentiating (focused on what makes the brand unique for its audiences) and contains the authentic truth of the brand. It also defines what subject areas a brand can credibly create content around — the brand's "authority to publish." Using a Story Platform properly, brands and their agencies can build a huge variety of brand stories over a long period of time and every story will ladder up to the brand's core proposition.”

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