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5 Quick Takes on Super Bowl Advertising

Posted by King Fish Media on Mon, Feb 04, 2013

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1.    Storytelling Works – Long form ads from Jeep (with Oprah) and Dodge Ram (with Paul Harvey) really created an emotional connection by reaching deep into our collective consciousness highlighting veterans and farmers.   Similar long form stories also worked for Tide, Taco Bell and Mercedes-Benz.  Best Buy had the best celebrity tie in with a very funny Amy Poehler.

2.    Earned Media should be a goal for ROI– The previews and buzz around the ads create a huge amount of earned media that can represent a positive ROI payback.  Details in this WSJ article - the extended legs with bloggers and media helps justify the expense.

3.    Social Media Connections: A Mixed Bag - Twitter was mentioned in 50 percent of the spots that aired during CBS’ game coverage. Facebook was mentioned in only four ads and Google+, not at all.  YouTube and Instagram were even mentioned once each, by Hyundai and Oreo, respectively.  This is shockingly low considering how many of the target audiences were on social media during the game, and will watch the ads today online.  A huge missed opportunity.  This should be concerning for Facebook as they try to generate more revenue for social commerce and marketers.  As an aside, my own Facebook news feed was very quiet during the game.

4.    Marketing in Real Time – The action on Twitter was hot and heavy and the blackout afforded nimble marketers such as Oreo and Audi to act quickly.  While everyone is all excited about Oreo “winning” the night, the real test will be to look at their sales over the next few weeks.  Audi’s gentle slap at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome was funny.  "RT @Audi: Sending some LEDs to the @MBUSA Superdome right now..."

Also, Major League Baseball jumped to remind everyone spring training was on the way.   All well done and a lesson on how to be relevant in real time.  Watching the Super Bowl has become a communal two-screen experience for millions.  The action on Twitter is fun and makes the game and the commercials even better.  Marketers need to do a better job leveraging this phenomenon.

5.    Time to Move On – The Go gross-fest is pretty much at the limit and the E-Trade Baby is completely out of gas.  Personally, I am sick of the Doritos consumer generated ads.  Cute idea several years ago, now just amateurish frat humor.

god made a farmer ram trucks super bowl ad resized 600

God Made a Farmer image from Ram's Super Bowl Ad

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