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New eBook: From Storytelling to Sales

Posted by King Fish Media on Wed, Aug 29, 2012

We have just released a new King Fish eBook now available for free download in our resource center.   Storytelling is one of the most critical aspects to content marketing and is often the reason why it works so well engaging customers. 

Customers have always been in control of their information sources.  Now, however, they have a seemingly infinite number of choices at their fingertips, thanks to a rapidly evolving digital ecosystem that makes it easy to create, store, find and share information on virtually any topic.

But here’s the challenge: Now that so many companies are practicing some form of content marketing, it’s becoming even more difficult to distinguish your brand with compelling content that truly engages customers and prospects — and, most importantly, leads to action. The missing link in most content marketing playbooks is good storytelling.

By helping prospects find the information they need — wherever they are in the purchase cycle — brands will create greater levels of trust and affinity which will impact your bottom line.

The ebook will cover:

  • Why storytelling is an essential element of content marketing
  • How it is time to move past labels such as B2B and B2C and practice P2P:
    Person to Person Marketing
  • The three steps to better storytelling, and key Dos and Don’ts
  • Several real world examples to show how storytelling can drive sales

Please download the eBook here and we hope it is helpful.  As always, please contact us with further questions.



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