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Mom Was Right, Showing is Better than Telling

Posted by King Fish Media on Tue, May 29, 2012

Post by Cam Brown, President, King Fish Media

Gilad de Vries of wrote a great piece for last week.  He states, "there is only one true branding mechanism online and that's content marketing." And he's right. Everyone wants to talk about their content marketing strategy and for good reason: the conversation has changed from interruptive to permission based, and savvy marketers understand the change. You can't woo customers based exclusively on price and features - they are as savvy as marketers. The game of cat-and-mouse now gives advantage to the mouse.

Customers need to believe in you as an expert in your field or market. As my mom used to say, you can't simply tell them - you have to show them with your actions. Education is the new dating, where you seduce customers not with Peggy Olson one-liners on benefits, but with steady relationship building through streams of content: Webcasts and video, eBooks, Web content and direct marketing...the platform reflects where your target spends their time, and at some point, marketers should ask prospects where and how they prefer to receive their content.

Gilad's piece closes with examples of marketers who rely heavily on content marketing, and is also worth a look. And as it should, that list gets longer every day.

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