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Brand Journalism – The Dark Side?

Posted by King Fish Media on Fri, Mar 27, 2009
Here is a very interesting take from David Meerman Scott on the possible movement of journalists from traditional media to creating meaningful content for companies.  It seems everyday media companies are cutting back and sacking writers and journalists.  (Old joke – When does a recession become a depression?  When journalists lose their jobs)  At the same time the content marketing/custom media business continues to grow.  More and more companies are creating their own content and private media channels to talk to customers.  Here is a clip from the Mr. Scott’s posting:
“Many organizations -- corporations, nonprofits, government agencies, and educational institutions -- finally understand the value of what I call "brand journalism," creating interesting information online that serves to educate and inform consumers. People in companies now realize web marketing success comes from creating content-rich web sites, videos, podcasts, photos, charts, ebooks, white papers and other valuable content.”

He gives advice to journalists to be thinking about taking their skills to brand journalism where they can tell stories and impart information to a different set of consumers.  It is pretty sage advice when looking over the current media landscape.  While we can joke about it being the “Dark Side” the fact remains that companies have grown far past the old fashion “advertorial” to creating compelling, rich content for customers and prospects.  Companies like Cisco are maintaining full-fledged news rooms online while leaving the advertorials to Vince the Sham-wow/Slap chop guy.

It is pretty clear which way the market is moving, so come on over to the “Dark Side” you may just find yourself a new career.

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