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Is Chivalry Dead? Not on Social Media. Not for Chobani.

Posted by King Fish Media on Fri, Apr 25, 2014

(First ThinkTank post by our Social Media Manager, Alexis DeVilling)

I eat breakfast at work everyday.  Not the ideal scenario, but it’s better than skipping the most important meal of the day.  I typically rotate between a yogurt with fruit, a protein bar, or a bacon egg and cheese when I’m feeling froggy.  About a month ago, as I was getting ready for a long day in the office, I whipped out my favorite yogurt of choice, Chobani with blueberries on the bottom.  When I opened the lid, I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Yog 1 resized 600

It was a sign. The Greek yogurt Gods were smiling down on me! So I tweeted it, obviously.  What else was a Social Media Manager who is a 100% Greek, first-generation American supposed to do? I smiled back, and then ate the whole damn thing.  Almost. Has anyone else noticed you can never get to the yogurt in the bottom edges of the cup??  

A few weeks go by and I continue to eat my various breakfasts while stalking friends on Face…I mean reading up on social media trends. A flood of articles pops up about customer support on social media.  Angry consumers want to be heard, and they want to be heard right now! Large and small corporations alike cannot avoid the wrath of social backlash when something goes wrong. But what happens when things are going well? You’re more likely to tweet angrily at an airline about a delayed flight than you are about a smooth, on-time landing. Right?

The reason I bring up customer support and retention is because there are a lot of brands doing it RIGHT.  They’re being proactive and engaging with customers who are positive brand advocates. For example: my main breakfast squeeze Chobani.  I didn’t expect anything from my initial smiley yogurt tweet, but they did recognize my love for the brand via this better-late-than-never response:

Yog 2 resized 600
To my surprise, a friendly package came in the mail today from the Chobani team.  It was much more than I anticipated.  My tweet in print!  Along with a tres chic custom wooden spoon that gets every last bit of yogurt goodness in the cup. Why? Because for Chobani, #HowMatters.

box resized 600  describe the image

Package from chobani containing a pretty nifty spoon and my tweet that earned it!

Did it work? You betcha! In addition to becoming a digital advocate (I’ve now written an entire blog about the brand), I was inspired to purchase a four-pack (below) and an Almond Coco Loco Flip (delicious) to keep at work. Chobani clearly knows the #1 rule in sales: it is easier to get loyal customers to buy more than it is to acquire new customers. So, how does your brand reward loyalty?

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