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Cam Brown talks about Target on Fox Boston News


This morning, King Fish President Cam Brown was a guest on the FOX Boston local news to talk about Target’s recent troubles with the credit/debit card security breach and a small amount of gift cards that were not activated correctly. This type of issue can get out of hand quickly in the social era as customers have access to numerous channels to vent frustration or register support.  Target did many things correctly from a communications standpoint and will likely survive the incident in the long term.  Companies need to face that first onslaught of social media backlash with transparency and clear communications to help rebuild trust. 

Offering a 10% discount and other positive gestures were well received by customers based on the social media listening analyses we conducted. Having nutrured strong loyalists over the years served Target well during this situation as they posted positive and supportive comments on Facebook and Twitter to counteract some of the anger from customers who had been effected.

Cam’s interview below

Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston



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