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November 17, 2016 King Fish Media Honored for Excellence in Digital Content Marketing for Education at the Industry’s Renowned Pearl Awards in New York City Click to read

August 25, 2016 King Fish creates newly launched website for American Rhino Click to read

August 18, 2016 King Fish Media Website Launch for CoLucid Pharmaceuticals Click to read

May 2, 2016 King Fish Media announces Regina Recene as Art Director and Erin Duffy as Graphic Designer. Click to read

April 27, 2016 Profound growth ahead for small business - including King Fish Media. Chase Business Leaders Outlook shows optimism and opportunity. Click to read

March 16, 2016 King Fish Media announces partnership with Geezeo to serve valued content to financial institution customers Click to read

September 2, 2015 Chris Keohane joins King Fish Media as Project Manager. Click to read

When most people think of webcasts, they think of product sales pitches. Virtual commercials that companies are using to sell and up-sell product.

King Fish is a leading Boston based digital agency focused on content strategy and content marketing.

We deliver programs designed to help marketers meet their campaign objectives for lead generation or customer retention.

We engage your audience with custom content and storytelling enabling you to own your media channel™ — on the Web, through social or mobile channels or in person. King Fish delivers measurable results for your marketing objectives and will drive your company’s sales.

To maximize your ROI, turn to King Fish for content marketing programs with services ranging from digital (websites, social media, video, mobile apps, email) to direct marketing to events (webcasts and live) and marketing analytics.

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